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We release approx 20 minutes of content weekly

PLUS Get access to our VIDEO LIBRARY which contains over 200 Chiropractic Patient Educational Videos.


Please find below various links to some of the
latest content we have created:

Educational and Wellness Shows (approx. 15 seconds to 5 minutes in length)

Chiro HD TV Sample content:

Seasonal messages - With or without your logo (approx 20 seconds each)

Released Valentines

Released for Valentines​

Additional content we can easily add to your playlist!

     YouTube Channel-  Canadian Chiropractic Association's channel     

     YouTube Channel - Alberta Chiropractic Association's channel

     YouTube Channel - British Columbia Chiropractic Association's channel

     YouTube Channel - Saskatchewan Chiropractors' Association of  CAS

     YouTube Channel - Ontario Chiropractic Association 


     YouTube Channel - Dr. Mercola (Sample videos - Only 30 seconds of each shown)
     YouTube Channel - Life University - This is my life series
     YouTube Channel - Food Matters
     YouTube Channel - Standard Process
     YouTube Channel - Bioflex Laser
     YouTube Channel - Passion4Profession - Exercise clips


     YouTube Channel - Nature Relaxation

     YouTube Channel - Wild Life in 4K

     YouTube Channel - Beauty of Wild Animals in 4K - Wildlife Amazing Nature
     YouTube - "Fun" content



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